• As a rule, within a few days or weeks the patient begins to experience symptoms characteristic of NMS. This type is the most favorable, since usually, after discontinuation of drug therapy, the patient’s condition improves.
  • The late type develops over a long period, against the background of long-term use of antipsychotic drugs, and can manifest itself after several months or even years. This disease is often irreversible. In addition, NMS can be classified according to buy stromectol online, this is how they are distinguished.
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This subtype manifests itself in slow or, conversely, sudden movements, grimacing, uncontrolled flexion and extension of certain muscles, which often cause pain to the patient. First, the upper cervical region suffers, and gradually uncontrolled flexion of the limbs spreads to the entire human body. Complete withdrawal of the drug or reduction of its dose helps reduce and stop symptoms. Patients are considered at risk. This type of disease refers to both early and late types. It occurs against the background of excessive use of antipsychotics, and against the background of their withdrawal.

The main symptom complex is the need to constantly move, as this allows you to eliminate the internal feeling of discomfort. Patients are characterized by constant shifting from foot to foot, tapping or stroking with hands, fidgeting, etc. manifestations. Often the patient has suicidal thoughts. Discontinuation of the drug or, conversely, resumption of its use plays a positive role in getting rid of the syndrome. It is possible that additional medications may be prescribed. Aimed at relieving this syndrome. This type of syndrome occurs in the late stages of taking antipsychotics, and belongs to its late subtypes.

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  • Discontinuation of the medications that caused this disorder and the prescription of additional medications eliminate the resulting syndrome.
  • As a rule, NMS is a difficult syndrome to diagnose, since the symptoms characteristic of it can often be confused with manifestations of the underlying disease, for the treatment of which certain antipsychotics were prescribed.
  • Often, even the attending physician does not immediately determine whether a patient has symptoms of NMS, therefore, at the slightest suspicion of neuroleptic malignant syndrome, antipsychotics are discontinued and a detailed study of the patient’s condition is carried out, which primarily includes differentiation from other types of disease.
  • As clinical tests, a blood test is used, during which the level of leukocytes and ESR (with this disease, they are increased), and plasma are studied.

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  • In extremely rare cases, it is possible to conduct magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography toI rule out brain damage.
  • The basis of treatment for NMS is the abolition of medications that led to the development of the disease, if the body’s reaction followed precisely the first dose of medication, and resumption. If the reaction followed their cancellation.
  • It should be noted that treatment must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor, and in most cases in the intensive care unit. Moreover, medical personnel must be prepared to transport such a patient to another medical facility, if necessary.

Diseases with similar symptoms include:

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